About OMDA

The organizational name "OMDA - The Ohio Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine" was approved by the Board of Directors and general membership at the general membership meeting in October 2015 and by subsequent e-vote. The name change aligns OMDA with changes at the national level of AMDA. Over the years the OMDA team has worked hard to educate medical directors, attending physicians and other providers who practice in long-term and post-acute care, helping them navigate their way through the continuum of care spectrum.

OMDA is the official state affiliate of the AMDA - The Society for Post-Acute & Long-Term Care Medicine and members include physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and pharmacists. OMDA is governed by an inter-professional Board of Directors. As we strive to reach a broad a multidisciplinary audience, membership has grown rapidly in recent years. We currently have about 250 AMDA members from Ohio and about 120 OMDA (state chapter) members.

The highlight of our organization is the annual OMDA educational meeting in Dublin, Ohio, drawing 80-100 participants each year. The conference showcases academic posters, featured speakers and industry exhibitors. In addition, OMDA collaborates with the Ohio Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (OGAPNA) to participate in a speakers exchange program to promote exchange of knowledge among members of each organization to improve care for the older adults in Ohio.

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of OMDA is to promote the highest quality care as patients transition through the long-term care continuum. OMDA is dedicated to providing leadership, professional education, and advocacy for the inter-professional team.

VISION STATEMENT: OMDA is the premier to all long-term care professionals through dissemination of information and access to resources. OMDA is the premier organization for providing leadership and education for best care practices, evidence-based medicine, regulatory compliance, and practice management. OMDA’s goal is to become a model organization that collaborates with related organizations and promotes the highest quality of care to patients in the long-term care continuum.

Most of our members are medical directors and attending physicians of Ohio skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes. The membership application form is on the OMDA website. The link will take you to the AMDA website and you have the option of filling the form on line and also can download and print the application form. AMDA collects the OMDA dues on our behalf and sends us a check of the member dues each year.

GOVERNANCE: The Board of Directors consists of Immediate Past-President, President, President Elect, Treasurer, and additional elected board members, not to exceed a total of 12 individuals on the Board. All elections will take place at the annual meeting every two years. During a non-election year, elections will be held only for vacated offices due to unforeseen circumstances and will be good for the remaining term until the next election. Such an office will not count as a two-year term. All candidates for position as an officer must have been a board member within the last three years. In the last few years we have adopted a Executive committee consisting of Past president, current president, program chair and executive director to accelerate the planning process for the OMDA annual meeting. The Executive Committee presents ideas and decisions to the full Board of Directors for approval of proposals and implementation.

ANNUAL MEETING: A major initiative of OMDA is the annual educational meeting, "Together We Make a Difference: Solutions for Senior Care.". Attendees include medical directors, attending physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, and pharmacists who practice in the long-term care continuum, including acute care, sub-acute care, hospice, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities, as well as in continuing care retirement communities. More information about the meeting, including registrant, exhibitor and sponsorship information, can be found on this website on the "Annual Meeting" page.

ANNUAL DUES: Regular and Professional Affiliate membership dues are $100 annually.